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Amazing first day in Quito


The day before I flew out I made last minute booking for Ailola Quito to take language school for one week. I also had them arrange for me to stay at Casa de LuLu a “student  residence ” The cost of the school was $129/week for 4 hrs each morning . And the casa was $112 /week includes breakfast . I was picked up at the airport at midnight from th very friendly owner of the school and taken to my residence , and greeted by LuLu who showed me to my very nice private room. I was delighted ! The next morning I met the other 6 students staying there , several germans , one american (Virgina read more about her in person of the day … a tab I will be adding soon!} After I got myself sorted , LuLu walked me the 15 mins to the school making sure I had my sunscreen on, carried my back pack in front of me and had my raincoat with me ! I joined everyone at their mid-morning break for /coffee /bread and bananas… and met all the other students. On wednsedays they do an outing after class and I was invited to join in . We took two buses 25 cents/and 45 cents for about a 45 minute ride to the Mitad Del Mundo , the center of the earth /where for $4.00 each we were led on an extremely interesting tour of the site which included , attempting to walk the red line which was the equator, with our eyes closed ..virtually impossible because you are being pulled in both directions! Then they demonstrated with a sink filled with water and sprinkled leaves in the water then pulled the plug, when the tub of water was on the equator the water went staright down NO Swirl, when on the south side it swirled  counter clockwise and on the north side clockwise !! Amazing , cosidering we are only talking a difference of maybe 1 foot off the eqator line!! I also was given a certificate for being able to balance an egg the head of a nail! Yay me!! We saw a graphic pictorial recipe for shrinking heads, a previous common custom of indigenous people . We were assured is no longer practiced.

I was extremely tired from the altitude, and lack of sleep the night before, and was very grateful when our guide offered that we could take a caravan taxi ride back to the casa for $2.00 each instead of standing in the bus for another 45 mins then walking home! All in all a fantastic day, I am so happy with this school, on Thursday they have a cooking class after class for lunch ($2.50) and then a free Salsa class Tuesday and Thursday nights.


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  1. Karen Perry

    It all sounds fabulous!! Love the stories from the equator!! 🙂

  2. Kristy Hegnauer

    Sounds like an amazing adventure! Enjoy all your travels and learning new things!!! I love it.

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